1. Pingu - Pingu's First Kiss, Pingu's Admirer, Pingu at the Fun Fair, Pingu and the Seagull and Pingu's New Kite
  2. Maisy - Breakfast, Beach, Circus, Clouds and Sky
  3. In the Night Garden - The Ball, Makka Pakka's Present, Runaway Og-Pog, High and Low and Igglepiggle's Accident
  4. Peppa Pig - Shopping, At the Beach, The New Car, Not Very Well and Hiccups
  5. Bob the Builder - Clumsy Roley, Inspector Spud, Muck's Monster, Dizzy's Birdwatch and Snowman Scoop
  6. Mr Men and Little Miss - Mr Clever's Daft Bet, Mr Grumble's Holiday, Mr Uppity's Big House, Mr Perfect Goes West and Mr Strong Makes a Big Splash
  7. Make Way for Noddy - Noddy and the Missing Muffins, Too Many Noddies, The Magic Powder, Catch a Falling Star and Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes
  8. Kipper - Tiger's Rocket, The Fair, Pig's Sweater, The Holiday and Arnold's Drum
  9. Brum - Brum and the Birthday Cake, Brum and the Cream Balloon, Brum and the Golf Buggy, Brum and the Music Box and Brum and the Posh Dog
  10. Sooty - The New Ride, Poorley Soo, The Great Race, Down the Drain and Chocco Chimp
  11. Angelmouse - Ice Cream Clouds, Angel Cake, The Wishing Star, Trumpet and Angelmouse's Day Off
  12. Tweenies - Postman, Supermarket, Wishes, Whales and Lighthouse
  13. Charlie and Lola - I Am Making a Craze, I Can Train Your Dog, It's Raining It's Boring, Our Shop Sells Everything and I Can Dance Like a Dancer
  14. Thomas and Friends - Chickens to School, Edward the Great, Halloween, Percy's Big Miskate and Spic and Span
  15. Waybuloo - Counting Seeds, Going Bananas, Snuggly Nest, Nok Tok Thinks Big and Fruity Fun
  16. Timmy Time - Timmy's Birthday, Timmy the Train, Timmy's Mask, Timmy's New Friend and Timmy Finds Treasure
  17. Shaun the Sheep - Buzz Off Bees, Tidy up, Still Life, Tooth Fairy and Heavy Metal Shaun
  18. Spongebob Squarepants - Chocolate With Nuts, Pest of the West, The Great Patty Caper, Ghoul Fools and Spongebob's Last Stand
  19. Animal Stories - Jake the Snake, Dinky the Dolphin, Clive the Hamster, Billy the Giraffe and Tommy the Bat
  20. Postman Pat - Postman Pat the Magician, Postman Pat and the Ice Ladder, Postman Pat and the Perfect Pizza, Postman Pat's Missing Things and Postman Pat and the Stolen Strawberries
  21. Rosie and Jim - Lights, Puppet Show, Newspaper, Sticky Honey and Jumble Duck
  22. Little Robots - Scary Scary, Hole in the Sky, Knock Knock, A Friend for Teddy and Noisy's New Song
  23. Dora the Explorer - The Fix It Machine, To the South Pole, Best Friends, Baby Dino and Save the Puppies
  24. Spot - Spot's Umbrella, Spot's Bath, Spot's Tent, Spot's Band and Spot's Breakfast
  25. Arthur - Buster's Green Thumb, Desk Wars, Friday the 13th, Arthur's Number Nightmare and Bleep
  26. Rubbadubbers - Sploshy's Wishes, Terence's Ties, Reg the Monster, Tubb the Frog Prince and Muddy Finbar
  27. Big Cook Little Cook - Swan, Postman, Explorer, Pop Star and Pirate
  28. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Fun and Games, Elf School, Books, Toy Robot and North Pole
  29. Angelina Ballerina - The Costume Ball, Alice's Present, Heads and Tails, Angelina's Valentine and Miss Lilly Comes to Dinner
  30. Barney - Red, Yellow and Blue, Puppy Love, Day and Night, A World of Friends and Spring Into Fun

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