Chimchar's Afternoon Off is a Friturtoons episode.


Chimchar has finished all his jobs and is looking forward to visiting the farm when Ash asks him to do some odd jobs. Chimchar's first job is to shunt some Unown. He asks Aipom for help, but she's too busy. Then Chimchar has to take some Unown to the depot. He asks Pikachu for assistance, but he is running late and has no time to help. Finally, Chimchar has to help Tropius with some cargo and asks Ludicolo to share the workload, but Ludicolo is busy delivering a piston rod. Luckily, the ship has been caught in rough seas and won't arrive until the next morning, leaving Chimchar time to visit the farm. On the way back, however, he meets Sudowoodo, who told him that he had broken down and Aipom, Pikachu and Ludicolo were all helping with his trainers and repairs. Chimchar feels ashamed for thinking they were being unkind, and offers to take Sudowoodo's coaches home.


  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.

Featured characters

  • Pikachu
  • Sudowoodo
  • Chimchar
  • Aipom
  • Ludicolo
  • Tropius
  • Ash Ketchum
  • Piplup (cameo)
  • Belle and Bella (cameo)
  • Pelipper (cameo)

Voice Cast

Featured music


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