China Smith is a Japanese television series based on the 1952 televison adventure series of the same name. This series stars Pirates of the Carribean's Johnny Depp and YouTube's KevJumba. Other stars are Nigahiga star, Sean Fujiyoshi, Brenda Song (of The Suite Life fame), Leo Howard and G. Hannelius from Leo Little's Big Show.

During the third season, the time period seems to change due to the fact that Christopher Junior has grown up into a teenager and is now refered to as Chris, along with the other children gaining weapons. It is revealed in the formspring that the third season takes place one year after the third-second seasons.

The series has not likely to have a cancellation or an end date as there are still upcoming episodes need to be produced but due to scheduling conflicts by Disney XD's show, Kickin' It, many episodes will be delayed. KevJumba, the voice of Charlie Chan, is leaving the series to pursue his career on Murray on a Chase, being replaced with James Sie. According to Formspring, the series was originally going to end with a movie but the show was greenlighted through a sixth season, featuring animation by Crew372.

An unofficial fan-film was made based on the series titled "Smithu yen China" (using a pseudo-Japanese language) which is about the future of Chris Jr where is known as China Smith and is solving a murder case. The language of the film is in both Japanese for the narrator and Chinese for the characters. The fifth seasin, which aired in February 2012, focuses on China Smith, Charlie Chan and Samantha in which they are in the future where Chris Junior is the head detective and Mr. Moto is an evil emperor. The sixth season, aired in April 14 2012, which will feature China Smith finally finding a blue key that sends them back to the present time but unlocks an ancient pixelated Japanese villain from it's 1970s hiberhation to turn the world into a video game.

The show is now on it's eighth season. It has been reported by Johnny Depp that the eighth season will be the show's last due to losing a number of actors in the production and the lack of money needed to support the show, including the fact that Depp refuses to merchandise the show on McDonalds. During the course of the eighth season, Leo Howard and G. Hannelius' roles were ommited and removed completley due to scheduling conflicts. Actor Toran Caudell joins the new cast. The series finale movie (one hour episode) The Final Case aired in August 31, 2012.


After getting promoted, Irish detective China Smith moves to Singapore along with his son to work at the Malaysian Detective Agency along with his partner, Charlie Chan who has two children; Stanley and Suzie.


When the pilot was made, it featured minor differences. The theme song was the same theme composion of "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan". China Smith was voiced by Richard Horvitz in the pilot while Charlie Chan was voiced by Keone Young.

The theme music for the show was written and performed by filk band Ookla the Mok and appears on their album Super Secret as the intro to the song "Das Über Tüber, or the Mystery of Mr. P." The announcer of the series was recordings of longtime voiceover actor Don LaFontaine along with Jeff Bennett.

A major difference of the series is that Charlie Chan usually has 12 or more kids but in this series, he only has two, which are based on two characters from "The Chan Clan". Also, the kids formed a team called the "Smith-Chan Clan" which parodies "The Chan Clan" along with music compositions.

The show was originally a superhero show but after the premiere of the anime series, Tokyo Terror, which had the same basic genre, the idea was cancelled and made the show a secret-agent/spy/detective series.


  • Christian Thomsworth O'Railey/China Smith: An Irish-German detective from Dublin who got transferred at the Ireland Crimes Goverment Force to the Malaysian Detective Agencey. China Smith gain his name from when he first came to Beijing when he was 3 years old and was referred to as China Smith ever since. He speaks with an Americanized Irish accent. Voice of Johnny Depp.
  • Charlie Chan: A Chinese-American detective who serves as China Smith's partner. Charlie Chan's original partner was Brad Taichi (homage to Bruce Lee) until his death from cancer. Chan speaks perfect English from his visits to New York City and can speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese. During his teen-hood, he was known as The Amazing Chan, a homage to the 70s animated series, The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. Voice of KevJumba until the late third season and the early fourth season where he is being voiced by James Sie before leaving for Kent & Kam and Murray on a Chase as both Kent & Kam and China Smith have canceled and he's cosndiered too young for the role.
  • Christopher O'Railey Jr./Chris Smith Jr.: China's 12-year old son who always helps him when needed. Named after his father, he gained most of his abilities. During the first to second season, Chris was portrayed as a young child who's enthusiastic on helping his father. Now, in the third season, Chris becomes a preteen acting a little bit more mature but still having fun. After his birthday, Chris now wields a shot gun and is never referred to as Christopher by his father anymore, just Chris. In the fifth season, as an adult, he is the head detective of the Malaysian Detective Agency (renamed as the Chris Detective Agency) and is super powerful. He leaves in the eighth season to become a police officer in Ireland. In the series finale, he gains a mystical disease called Ageitis causing him to age into a 15 year old allowing him to gain the opportunity to become the new police officer of China. Voice of Leo Howard.
  • Samantha O'Railey/Smith: Named after China's deceased wife, she is his daughter who constantly bugs Chris. Samantha is more interested in beauty pagents instead of saving the world but is willing to help her father. During the third season, Samantha now wields a sword, despite her young age. She leaves in third season with her brother to Ireland. Voice of G. Hannelius.
  • Lee-Jun Fan/Stanley Chan: A 17-year old Chinese-American warrior who is Charlie Chan's son. He is known as the bravest warriors in Beijing. Stanley is mostly silent but speaks from time to time. He plays the guitar in the Smith-Chan Clan. He was last seen, along with Suzie in the fifth season. Voice of Sean Fujiyoshi.
  • Tai-Chi Shun/Suzie Chan: The spoiled, rich daughter of Charlie Chan who enjoys money. Whenever her face gets dirty or her hair gets frizzed up, she usually screams because of her bad makeup and her looks. She was last seen in the fifth season. Voice of Brenda Song.
  • Jeremiyah Nippon/Japan Jones: A Scottish detective who works at the Japanese Police Department in Osaka. He moved from Edinburgh to Osaka after getting promoted. Jones wields a shotgun that belonged to the Scottsman in 1832, including cavilar-seaking bullets in which he uses it on Smith as threats but he never shoots since the item is very rare. His full name was revealed in the series finale as Jeremiyah Nippoon, which his last name is Japan in it's native language. Voice of Jesse Jackson.
  • Mr. Hideki Moto: A Japanese-American who speaks in broken English who is Japan Jones' partner in crime. Mr. Moto's history remains a mystery as no other information can be much found about his biography. In the second season finale titled "Think Fast Mr. Moto", it reveals that his first name is Hideki, a homage to Hideki Tojo of World War II. Mr. Moto seems to have feelings for Jones despite their arguing and is also has deep hatred for Charlie Chan. Moto also has a son of his own named Rio Tage. In the future, he becomes a Japanese tyrant. Voice of Maurice LaMarche impersonating Peter Lorre (who played the Mr. Moto character in films).
  • Corey Francois/Korea Korey: An Italian-French Quebec detective from the new-opened South-Korean MysteryFiles Incoporated (SKMI) who speaks in Elizabeth English and Shakesperian phrases. Korea Korey is new in Malaysia and also wields incredible skills and weapons. He serves as Jones and Smith's rival. His full name was revealed in The Full Case with his last name meaning French in it's native language also hencing the fact that he is Quebocian.
  • Brock Lee: A Korean-American ninja, hitman and asssasin who is Korey's sidekick and assitant. Unlike Moto and Chan, he speaks only Korean. His name is a homage to Chinese movie-star, Bruce Lee and the food, broccoli. In the future, he got shot and killed.
  • Commisioner Ling Hyung-jen: A Cantonese man who is the comminsioner of the Malaysian Detective Agency. He serves as China Smith and Charlie Chan's boss and gets angired easily. His full name was revealed in the series finale.
  • Dr. WenWenFun: A mad-scientist who developed cross-breading skills fusing China Smith's brain into the body of a cyclonic-robot named Zippy.
  • Fu Manchu: A Japanese-speaking villain who was the brains behind using the infamous, Pastaemperor. He is voiced by Keone Young. Despite the character originally Chinese, his nationality changed to Japanese to fit the plot for the movie, similar to Kato from The Green Hornet's nationality change due to racial concerns.
  • Jake B. Brook: An African-American student who is stuck in Taekwando School.
  • Elliot Williams: A Puerto-Rican police officer who works under cover. His catchphrase is "Carmen mi amor".
  • Rio Tage Moto: The son of Mr. Moto who is friends with Christopher Jr. Unlike his father, he speaks perfect English. Voiced by Ryan Higa.
  • Mr. Isoroku Arigato: A Japanese friend of Mr. Moto who plays the sitar when entering a scene. He speaks in a stereotypical Japanese accent.
  • Mr. Masaharu Toshiro: A sushi bar owner who has a policy "All you can eat" but gets easily angered. He is also greedy for yen.
  • John: Japan Jones' robotic son.
  • Nuthka: The nephew of China Smith, an Egyptian-American actor who is the descent of the Prince of Abaganza. Voice of Toran Caudell (Jason Marsden voiced him in the first appearance in the fifth season).


The first movie, China Smith: Japandemonium Japocalypse, aired in October 20, 2011 featuring China Smith and his friend's attending Mr. Moto's hometown in Okinawa, Japan. A terrorist attack occured in Singapore High Skowers where a Japanese-speaking Super Sentai villain named Raka-shan has been bombing cars and buildings. When China Smith had finally guarded him down, using Charlie Chan's Japanese-English converter which helped Mr. Moto to speak English, Raka-shan explained that he was created by the evil, Pastamperor, in which Japan finds as a myth. Unfotunatly due to the fact that Mr. Moto had alot of good friends in Okinawa, now Mr. Moto will try to solve the case before Smith does. The second and last movie, China Smith: The Final Case was originally in production as a series finale movie for the series when it was on it's sixth season but after a hardware maintence and money troubles have ceased, the show was renewed for two additional seasons and the movie was rescheduled as the series finale for the eighth (and last) season. At the time, it was replaced with a 30-minute special as a premiere of the show's sixth season Back to the Easterns which is also name for the season. The film is about China Smith finally going to retirement and making his son, a police officer in Ireland, the new police officer in China.

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