Chiv Alri (sometimes referring to himself as Chivalry032) was a Bori Shadowrunner proficient in Blue, Yellow, and Green mana.


Chiv almost exclusively wore a maroon-colored tanktop with a bandolier strung across his chest loaded with shotgun shells. He tended to wear cream-colored pants, and usually went unshod. Unless he needed to wield a gun, he usually wore wooden blunters over his foreclaws. He often carried a bottle of alcohol, usually 195-proof Sreiyacesni.



Chiv was born shortly after the Bori were awakened in Neopian Year 5 (2004 Earth CE), and came to be involved in the War of the Realms a few years later. After an assassination attempt, he went into hiding, scared for his life. He became known as a transient, and for eight years was able to elude Annihil Diarke's assassins. He was killed in NY 16 (2015 Earth CE) in the Haunted Woods, and his body lost for one year, until it was brought to Serberia to protect it.

In N.Y. 21 (2020 Earth CE), Chiv's body was disinterred by goblins and was quickly recovered by allies of the then-AWOL Jeremy Kiehl. However, it was later reclaimed by Annihil's sister, who tried to use it in a ritual to resurrect Annihil. The ritual was interrupted, destroying Chiv's sanity but resurrecting him without Annihil's soul. At this point, Jeremy had returned and asked a favor of the Sages, asking them to keep Chiv from death. All but the Sage of the Void refused point-blank.

Three years passed with Chiv remaining in seclusion, trying to regain what little sanity he had left. After the three years passed with no progress, Chiv grew angry and turned to what would become his new favorite pasttime: crime. Jeremy cursed himself as Chiv started to act with disregard for himself and the law, a crime spree that continues to this day for him. It has been rumored his rapsheet could fill the Academy from floor to ceiling.


Chiv originally came to Arcanis through use of an Erratic Portal he had stolen from a mage (whom he'd killed to obtain it). Sensing the possibilities here, he began to infiltrate the Academy, scouting out a spot to set up what he initially planned to be a money-laundering operation. He eventually decided to avoid money-laudering and started what became known as the Body Shop, which dealt in potions he'd bought from a Neopian apothecary. He would later go on to sell forms to Seachis through the shop.

Within the LTE itself, Chiv acted more as an antagonist than anything else. He was responsible for the death of Elena Ryeske and the near-death of Lowe Margas (the latter he'd changed into a goldfish beforehand).


  • Sreiyacesni was a Crandonian vodka infamous for the fact that it was almost pure alcohol (195 proof). It was Chiv's preferred alcoholic drink.
  • Chiv, despite his constantly-itching trigger finger, was a proficient sniper.
  • Chiv's payment for giving Seachis new forms was radically different than that of potions.

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