Chloe Morrow is one of Master Jodie Castellaneta's minions, the younger sister of Lynn Morrow, and the love interest of Verne Shepard (from Nerd or Noob? Do or Die!) appearing in Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes. Voiced by Kelly Sheridan, she has medium blond hair in a straight way and green eyes. In Stereotypes, her outfit is composed of: a dark red long sleeved dress with a white diaper inside, white pantyhose and black dress shoes. In High School Stereotypes, her outfit is composed of: a blue long sleeved jacket with a green short sleeved dress underneath, a white diaper inside of her dress, light tan pantyhose and brown sandals. At her age, she is 13-16 years old.


  • Beatrice and Dale Morrow (Parents)
  • Glenda and Kevin Morrow (Aunt and Uncle)
  • Lynn Morrow (Older Sister)
  • Verne Shepard (Love Interest)


  1.  ??? Verne
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  1.  ??? tantrums
  2.  ??? Lynn ???
  3.  ???


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