Kobali male

Chodak Male

Kobali Female

Chodak Female

The Chodak are a humanoid species. They are warp-capable, with a technology level comparable to that of Earth in the 26th century. Their medical knowledge is more advanced, however, as they can reanimate someone who is dead for more than two weeks. Chodak also have high regards for every life which is honored by the saying "Never harbor anger towards those who have brought you death for they gave you the chance to live again." Chodak do not procreate to obtain offspring like other species; they salvage dead sentient lifeforms which they reanimate. Over a period of several months, the DNA of the reanimated lifeform is altered by means of a genetic pathogen that converts most of the DNA into a Chodak protein structure. These biochemical changes affect every part of the body, leaving only trace amounts of the original DNA. After this, they are given Chodak names and placed in Chodak families to help them acclimate. Chodak physiology differs from Humans. They have a six-lobed brain and a binary cardiovascular system. The Chodak form cannot be reversed because there is not enough original DNA present after the alteration to do so. It is, however, possible to change a person's appearance by inaprovaline injection, which needs to be repeated to maintain the lifeform's previous appearance. This only helps for a short period of time because the Chodak genetic pathogen undo the changes.

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