Chokmah is the metallic core planet nearest to Keser. The smallest of the inner planets, Chokmah is heavily cratered and inert. Its close proximity to Keser makes the planet’s surface intensely hot. Although the surface of Chokmah is heavily cratered, there is no apparent seismologic activity or signs of volcanism.

Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(hok må´) aka Keser 1

Astronomical Characteristics

The nearest planet to Keser, at a mean distance of 48 million km; its period of revolution is 121 standard days. Chokmah has the second most elliptic orbit in the Otz Chiim system, only Malkuth's being greater among the planets. Chokmah's perihelion (its closest point to Keser) is observed to advance by 43 standard days each century.

Physical Characteristics

Chokmah is the smallest planet in the Otz Chiim system, having a diameter of about 7,500km. Its mean density is comparable to that of Earth. Surveys have also concluded that Chokmah has a molten iron core comparable in size to Earth’s. Its small mass and proximity to Keser prevent it from having any appreciable atmosphere, although a slight amount of carbon dioxide has been detected. The surface of Chokmah is marked by a multitude of impact craters. Most of its craters were formed during a period of heavy bombardment by small asteroids early in the Otz system's history. Chokmah's period of rotation on its axis is about 59 standard days. This results in periods of daylight and night of 90 standard days each, and with the daylight temperatures reaching as high as 700F. Night temperatures are believed to drop as low as -422F.

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