Choo Choo (Top Cat) as Thomas

Tico (Dora) as Edward

Odie (Garfield) as Henry

Finn Mcmissile (Cars 2) as Gordon

Mike (Monsters Inc) as James

Top Cat as Percy

Garfield as Toby

Red (M&M's) as Duck

Bugs Bunny as Donald

Daffy Duck as Douglas

Yellow (M&M's) as Oliver

Elsa (Frozen) as Emily

Lord Hater (Wander Over Yonder) as Diesel

Mordecai (Regular Show) as Bill

Rigby (Regular Show) as Ben

Dink Smallwood (MUGEN/Dink Smallwood) as Boco

Little Miss Bossy (Mr Men) as Daisy

Six (Numtums) as Skarloey

Benny the Ball (Top Cat) as Rheneas

Peter Griffin (Family Guy) as Sir Handel

Spy (Team Fortess 2) as Peter Sam

Edward (Thomas) as Rusty

Bernand Bear as Duncan

Four (Numberjacks) as Bertie

Trixie (MLP) as Elizabeth

Dooby Dummy (MUGEN/Pencil Whipped) as Spencer

Henry (Thomas) as Murdoch

Sylvia (Wander Over Yonder) as Molly

Dr. Eggman (Sonic) as Hector

Benson (Regular Show) as Sir Toppam Hat

King of Town (Homsestar) as Whiff

Ranger Smith (Yogi Bear) as The Thin Controller

Applejack (MLP) as Lady

Bender (Futurama) as Charlie

Strong Bad (Homestar) as Den

Strong Mad (Homestar) as Dart

Green Goblin (Spiderman (2002)) as Diesel 10

Nanobot 1 (Jimmy Neutron) as Splatter

Nanobot 2 (Jimmy Neutron) as Dodge

Troublesome Trucks as Therselves

Spike (MLP) as Terence

Wander (Wander Over Yonder) as Trevor

Freckled Pig (Bad Piggies) as Harold


Season 1

Choo Choo and Finn (Choo Choo gets tricked)

Tico and Finn (Tico helps out)

The Sad Story Of Odie (Come Out, Odie)

Tico, Finn and Odie (Odie to the Rescue)

Choo Choo's Train (A Big for Choo Choo)

Choo Choo and the Trucks (Trouble for Choo Choo)

Choo Choo and the Breakdown Train (Choo Choo saves the day)

Mike and the Coaches (Mike learns a Lesson)

Troublesome Trucks (Foolish Freight Cars)

Mike and the Express (A Proud day for Mike)

Choo Choo and the Bodyguard

Choo Choo goes Fishing

Choo Choo, Spike and the Snow (Spike the Dragon)

Choo Choo and Four

Tenders & Turntables

Trouble in the House

Top Cat Runs away

Coal (Odie's Special Coal)

The flying Kipper

Garfield and the stout gentleman

Choo Choo in Trouble

Dirty Objects (Mike in a mess)

Off the road (Finn takes a dip)

Down the Mine

Choo Choo's Christmas Party

Season 2

Choo Choo, Top Cat and the Coal

Cows (A cow on the line)

Four's Chase

Saved from Scrap

Old Fur

Choo Choo and Wander (A new friend for Choo Choo)

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