MichaelTheCityMaker's different movie-spoof of "Alice in Wonderland (1951)", this time with Choo Choo.


  • Choo Choo (Top Cat) as Alice
  • Top Cat as Alice's Sister
  • Oliver (Oliver & Company) as Dinah
  • Baba Looey (Quickdraw McGraw) as The White Rabbit
  • Basil (The Great Mouse Detective) as The Doorknob
  • Pumbaa (The Lion King) as The Dodo
  • Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants) as Tweedledee and Tweedledum
  • Alex the Lion (Madagascar) as The Walrus
  • Young Simba (The Lion King) as The Carpenter
  • Bladebeak (Quest for Camelot) as Bill the Lizard
  • Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Thumper's Sisters, Snow White, Gossipy Elephants (Dumbo), Penny, Aurora, Shanti, Maid Marian, Miss Kitty Mouse, Olivia, Bianca, and others as The Flowers
  • Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as The Caterpillar
  • Hugo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as The Caterpillar as a Butterfly
  • Wilma Flinstone (The Flinstones) as The Bird in the Tree
  • Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) as The Cheshire Cat
  • Wally Gator and Snagglepuss as The Mad Hatter and The March Hare
  • Timothy (Dumbo) as The Dormouse
  • Master Mantis, Master Crane, and Po (Kung Fu Panda) as The Card Painters
  • The Queen (Snow White and the Seven Drwaves) as The Queen of Hearts
  • Fidget (The Great Mouse Detective) as The King of Hearts

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