Chop Socky Chooks
Chop Socky Chooks logo.png
Created by Sergio Delfino
Directed by Sergio Delfino
Voices of
Theme music composer Eggplant
Opening theme "Chop Socky Chooks"
Ending theme "Chop Socky Chooks" (Instrumental)
Composer(s) Lou Pomanti
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • For Aardman: Miles Bullough, Pete Lord, and Dave Sproxton
  • For Decode: Neil Court, Steven Denure, and Beth Stevenson
  • For Teletoon: Madeleine Lévesque, Athena Georgaklis, and Dominic Webber
  • Daniel Lennard (for Cartoon Network Europe)
  • Elana Adair
  • Ben Lock
  • Christine Ponzevera
  • Janice Walker (also Decode's supervising producer)
  • Jacqueline White (series producer)
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Production company(s)
Original network
Original release March 16, 2007 (2007-03-16) – October 5, 2008 (2008-10-05)

Chop Socky Chooks is a British-Canadian computer-animated series that ran on Cartoon Network from March 7, 2008 until January 31, 2010. produced by Aardman Animations, Decode Entertainment and DHX Media that debuted on 16 March 2007.[1] It was created by animator Sergio Delfino, a prominent animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Reruns of the show currently air in Eastern Europe on Cartoon Network and on Teletoon, and previously aired in the USA on Cartoon Network. The name is from "chop socky," which is slang for the Asian martial arts film genre, and "chook", which is Australian and New Zealand slang for chicken.

Despite most of the characters being voiced by British actors and actresses, they have American accents. The same thing happens in Dude, That's My Ghost! and Robotboy.

Parodies (don't delete, but you can add some more)

  1. Chop Socky Chooks/Aladdin
  2. Chop Socky Chooks/Hercules
  3. Chop Socky Chooks/The Little Mermaid
  4. Chop Socky Chooks/Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
  5. Chop Socky Chooks/The Rescuers
  6. Chop Socky Chooks/Fantasia
  7. Chop Socky Chooks/Star Wars
  8. Chop Socky Chooks/Back to the Future
  9. Chop Socky Chooks/The Wizard of Oz
  10. Chop Socky Chooks/Harry Potter
  11. Chop Socky Chooks/Home Alone
  12. Chop Socky Chooks/Banjo the Woodpile Cat
  13. Chop Socky Chooks/The Flight of Dragons
  14. Chop Socky Chooks/The Plague Dogs
  15. Chop Socky Chooks/The Last Unicorn
  16. Chop Socky Chooks/Pinocchio
  17. Chop Socky Chooks/Sleeping Beauty
  18. Chop Socky Chooks/The Pagemaster
  19. Chop Socky Chooks/Skunk Fu!
  20. Chop Socky Chooks/How to Train Your Dragon
  21. Chop Socky Chooks/Kung Fu Panda
  22. Chop Socky Chooks/Shrek
  23. Chop Socky Chooks/Beauty and the Beast
  24. Chop Socky Chooks/The Amazing World of Gumball
  25. Chop Socky Chooks/Spongebob Squarepants
  26. Chop Socky Chooks/Madagascar
  27. Chop Socky Chooks/Spaceballs
  28. Chop Socky Chooks/The New Amazing World of Gumball
  29. Chop Socky Chooks/Gravity Falls
  30. Chop Socky Chooks/T.U.F.F. Puppy


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