Chris (Aka Christopher Chris Johnson) is a charectar in Mikih And The Teenagers, Mikih and The Teenagers 2.  


Chris is michevious and mean but he is nice he even makes money off of anyone.

Mikih and the Teenagers 

In Mikih and the Teenagers  Chris appers as Louie's friend who attended college with him.

He meets Mikih, Roc, and Nasir who are being used by him.

Nasir states Chris says were like a family to him.

Chris takes the boys to a concert. Chris then puts the teenagers, in a box. Mikih, Roc, and Nasir get out of the box and put voice-activated action figure'd versions of themselves. They go home with Louie. When Chris is being driven to   the airport to go to Paris France he reveals that if the teenagers behave he'll be called Uncle Chris by them again. He then offers them a deal but he quicks discovers that the teenagers have escaped. He then notices the voice-activated action figures of them. Chris takes the Mikih figure out of the box and listens to it speak. He then screams Nooo! and enjoys his trip Paris. In the epilouge he is in Paris and has the action figures sing for him. 

By: Roc.

Mikih and the Teenagers 2

Chris returns and he brings Layla, Rayah and Ciara to South Eastman for a contest. Chris then makes them pratice for the concert. Chris attemps to bring The teengirls to Staples Center.   Mikih rescues the teengirls from the limo. Chris gives up on bringing them and goes by himself. Mikih, his brother and his friends perform the singing. Meanwhile Chris hires clothe's designers to  dress him up as Layla and he use's puppets to portray Rayah and Ciara and is clueless of what song to sing or how to dance. He then decides and sings A Small World. After he sings tries to impress the audience suggesting that they like him, he fails with that. Countinueless hated by he stops due to his sadness. He then  is dragged off stage by Woody and Buzz while asking the audience to help him. He also demands Buzz and Woody to let go of him 4 times his last words are let go! 

In the movie's epilouge Chris attemps to escape and perform again but he is thrown in the dumpster.


1: It's a small world after all, it's a small aft- ya know it's a small world after all everybody it's a small world after all da da dad da da da.

2: (When the audience Boo him): Oh come on! 

3: (Woody and Buzz take him away!): Help Me!, help me! let go of me, let go of me, Let go of me. Let go.

By: Roc.

Mikih and the Teenagers 3 

Chris was'nt in the third movie but he was mentioned by Mikih, wich ment he  still remained in the dumpster. 

By: Roc. 

Fourth movie

Chris will apper in the 4th movie.

By: Roc.


Chris's real name is Christopher Chris Johnson in real life.

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