Biography of Chris Reed

Chris Reed was born in 1966. Chris’s father was a school teacher at an exclusive prep school for the children of senior party members. In 1993 Chris was enrolled in the State University where he majored in business. He quickly became bored with his studies however and dropped out of school after just two semesters and joined the Navy Dive Corps. In 1996 Chris left the Navy and joined the army. In 1999 he joined the Operations Directorate where he served with some distinction. In 2004 he was assigned to the First Independent Command where he served with Jack Lynch as his personal aide and heavy hitter when dealing with less than readily compliant staff types. He was serving as a Major, Current Operations Officer, in the Operations Directorate when he was nominated by Jack Lynch for the position of Second Deputy to the Supreme Leader. He is still heavily involved in operations at the Operations Directorate and many feel he serves as the Supreme Leaders de-facto spy within the directorate.

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