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[16:46] <+Forest`> this channel has been here for at least 14 years that i know of

[2006-12-01 16:48:30] <+Mabus> i doubt 14 years :)

[2006-12-01 16:48:38] <+Mabus> primarly because dalnet hasn't been around 14 years :)


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PBS ID Debate

[2006-12-01 23:42:01] <+WarriorVisions> For us the inference to design is an inference. And it’s a justified inference because of what we know about the cause and effect structure of the world. Namely that it always takes an intelligence to produce information. <----'s not just wrong, it's mind-numbingly wrong...intelligence is NOT required to produce information

[2006-12-01 23:43:25] <+WarriorVisions> yqbd: no, it's a simple ignorance of what constitutes information in the formation and make-up of complex structures or systems

[2006-12-01 23:45:11] <+WarriorVisions> yqbd: 3 words for you anytime someone uses that information argument: nylon eating bacteria

[2006-12-01 23:49:37] <+WarriorVisions> So, he was honest enough to say it’s a theory. <--said in regard to Darwin by the moderator again.....lolol

  • snip!

[2006-12-02 00:04:38] <+WarriorVisions> yqbd: once again, you cannot calculate the probability of what appears in nature to be natural or not

[2006-12-02 00:10:14] <+WarriorVisions> yqbd: yes, but those algorithms are weighted differently depending on where one is looking

[2006-12-02 00:11:33] <+WarriorVisions> yqbd: additionally, they do not use the complexity of the signal as an indication of is what appears out of the ordinary from known signals and emitters

[2006-12-02 00:13:00] <+WarriorVisions> yqbd: because nothing stands out as being solely unique and unexpected given what is going on around it

Idea of Creation

How a idea of creation starts

  • The actual creation.
  • [2006-12-01 20:20:29] <+forest`> yqbd someone asked a question, and someone else tried to answer it. They had no way of knowing the real answer so they were creative.

[2006-12-01 20:22:28] <+forest`> yqbd because primitive people had no access to the scientific data we have now, and we still don't know all of the details

  • ...


  • [16:48:44] <+yqbd> Turk^ said, "the fact bible was deformed", "as soon as jesus died." because "Quran confirms that Bible was sent by Allah and deformed." and "Allah guaranteed that quran will not be able to deformed."

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