Circle of the Crone
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Christian Michaels is the Ventrue Priscus. He is the owner of Heimdall Inc., which is a cornerstone of the San Andreas economy. Catherine Michaels is his childe and wife. Christian has been a member of the Kindred community of San Andreas since the beginning of the 1800's, and has been a major part of the building of the city. With the distruction of Michael Law, Christian's control and influence in Hightown is unrivaled.

Christian has been the priscus of the Ventrue clan for the majority of the two hundred years he has lived there.



Played by Greg, part of the Narrator staff. As the previous the Storyteller it has been some time since he had a Crimson Shadow Requiem character, other then the Gangrel heart throb Tristan. Before that the last one was the Ordo Mekhet Gabriel; Emperor of Washington DC and Surrounding Areas. Oddly, like most successful Crimson Shadow characters, he started out completely insane, and ended up... completely insane.

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