Christmas Special: James' Evil Plan is Thomas the ERTL Adventures' first Christmas special.


It's Christmas, and the engines prepare for the celebration. Meanwhile, James, however, plots to get rid of the other engines, and replace them with him. It's up to Thomas and his friends to stop him before he does.


James' Evil Plan Backfired!

  • Thomas: James, you're evil plan has come to an end!
  • Duck: We will get rid of your evil plan!
  • James: Bring it on, guys! Time for us to start!
  • Diesel 10: Okay, guys. Let's backfire James' evil plan!
  • Duck: Ready, set and go!
  • Narrator: The engines pushed James right into a icy ditch!
  • James: Ow! I'll get you for this!
  • Thomas: We did it!
  • Duck: We've defeated James!
  • Stepney: Yeah!
  • Diesel 10: Now James thinks it's the worst Christmas ever! And James, you are not seposed to be evil. You should be nice to your friends next time. Now if you don't mind, I have to go back to the Dieselworks.
  • Narrator: Then Diesel 10 went back to the Dieselworks. Poor James felt upset and felt like a completed idiot now. Just then, the Fat Controller came to see James. He was very cross!
  • TFC: James, you have caused confusion and delay! You're supposed to be nice to the other engines! But now, you're mean to them! As punishment, you are suspended from pulling trains for the next two months!
  • James: No! Not two months!
  • TFC: Oh yes! Two months!
  • James: But sir! I'm SORRY!!!
  • TFC: Too late!!
  • Narrator: Soon, he was pleased with Thomas and his friends.
  • TFC: Thomas and your friends, I am very pleased with your hard work. You had backfired James' evil plans. You are all really useful engines.
  • Thomas: Oh, thank you sir.

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