Christmas Time is a US Toys-r-Us DVD of October 1st 2014 of six episdoes of ToyTrains4u.


One snowy day in winter time the thick snow came to Sodor Hiro went to the icy rails on Sodor James went on the bridge to the icy rails Emily takes to flour to the flour mill All the engines wear snowplows upest Gordon takes the pudding trucks Thomas went around the icy rails on Sodor The snowblower came to Sodor and then on Sodor they are Sodor Snow Storm on Sodor!


  1. Hiro's Icy Wagon
  2. James' Collection Heating Oil
  3. Emily and the Sodor Flower Co.
  4. Christmas Snow Rescue
  5. Icy Rails
  6. Snowblower

Bonus Features

  • Biff Bash Bosh Game
  • Sounds Song
  • Guess Who? Puzzles - Hiro Bill and Ben and James

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