Christmas War

1 December/(official starting date) 18 December 2007 - Unknown

Place UK Speed Server
Result c4stigator phyrric victor
  • [M]JianW
  • LEG-DS
  • LEG M
  • c4stigator
  • Tomala
  • an unknown Gaul player
  • SchakaI
  • 1 Hero
  • c. 14,000 Legionnaires
  • 260 Equites Legati
  • 250 Equites Imperatoris
  • 50 Fire Catapults

(statistics as of 26 December 2007)


  • 1 Hero
  • c. 1010 Macemen
  • 120 Scouts
  • c. 1300 Paladins
  • 40 Battering Rams

unknown Gaul player:

  • 1444 Phalanx
  • 878 swordsmen
  • 164 Theutantes Thunder
  • 49 Druidriders


  • 1 Imperian

(statistics as of 25 December 2007)

  • c. 4155 Legionaires
  • c. 111 Equites Imperatoris
  • c. 42 Equites Legati
  • c. 23 Fire Catapults

(statistics as of 19 December 2007)


  • c.10 Macemen
  • c. 1301 Paladins
  • c. 120 Scouts
  • c. 40 Battering Rams
  • c. 1 Hero

unknown Gaul player:

  • c. 1444 Phalanx
  • c. 878 swordsmen
  • c. 164 Theutantes Thunder
  • c. 49 Druidriders


  • c. 1 Imperian

(statistics as of 20 December 2007)

The Christmas War was a war on the Travian Speed Server, which ended early in 2008.


c4stigator-Tomala War

Oasis 32|-109

The first sparks of war came about on December 1st, 2007, when c4stigator, following the advice of Vendix V, attacked and siezed an oasis belonging to Tomala. Tomala, aswell as a number of his personal allies, were displeased, stating to c4stigator, that Tomala owned it, and was his rightful possession.

On December 7th, Tomala retook the oasis with a force of 180 Paladins, which decimated c4stigator's garrison of 100 legionnaires. c4stigator, letting the insult slide, retook the oasis again on December 7th, with a substantially larger force of 5000 legionnaires.

Tomala sent a message to c4stigator, which informs him off his ownership and told c4stigator to leave the oasis alone.

After a small period of peace, eleven days later, on December 18th, Tomala siezed the oasis witha force of 900 Paladins.

c4stigator declared war on Tomala.

Opening Phases

At 18:03 on December 18th c4stigator declared war on Tomala, though the latter did not know of it. c4stigator always knew Tomala would attack again, and had already set up contingency plans. Already, c4stigator had a force of almost 10,000 legionnaires, the best Roman troops for defeating cavalry; the mainstay of Tomala's army. c4stigators plan of quantity over quality, aswell as good connections via friends and alliance members, meant the war looked to be over before it had even begun.

It is clear Tomala feared c4stigator and the possibility of vengeance, and troops from an unknown Gaul player reinforced Tomala's capital of Tomala I.

c4stigators first moves were to continually scout Tomala I, gleaning information about the troops there aswell as the production rate of new ones. He also called in his alliance and other friends for support. He first posted a request for help on the Jian forums, before asking Vendix V for rescources. Vendix V responded in kind, also promising to pledge troops to c4stigators cause should the fighting get too much for c4stigator to cope with alone. hard nut bob, another of c4stigators contacts, also offered to help.

At approximatley 2pm on December 19th, Tomala sent another questioning message to c4stigator, which went unanswered.

Seizing oasis 32|-109

After scouting a further two times, c4stigator attacked the oasis at 18:08 on December 19th. Wiping out the garrison of scouts there. He attacked two more times and successfuly took the oasis at 18:35.

Battle of Tomala I

At 19:42 on December 19th, just over a day after the war had been announced, c4stigator's force attacked Tomala I.

8558 Legionnaires, supported by 239 Equites Imperiatoris, and protecting 50 Fire Catapults, took to the field against Tomala's army of: 100 Scouts, 1081 Paladins and 40 Battering Rams, and the unknown Gaul player's reinforcements consisting of: 1444 Phalanx, 878 swordsmen, Theutantes Thunder and Druidriders.

c4stigator's force anhilated the combined armies of Tomala and the unknown Gaul player to a man, taking 3885 legionnaire, 108 Equites Imperiatoris and 23 Fire Catapult casualties. Tomala I's stable was also destroyed.

Christmas ceasefire

that should teach you to leave the oasis alone. i thought you'd respond better to a show of force than to idle bargaining, or rather banter. hopefully now we can co-exist without any more disagreements."
"that won't give my troops back."
"blatantly not. the logic is: i attack you, wipe out your army, and you dont attack me again.
—c4stigator and Tomala

After the battle, c4stigator sent a formal letter to Tomala, explaining his actions and hopes for the future. Tomala however, contacted his alliance, bringing a member of LEG M, SchakaI into the fray. SchakaI immiediently threated c4stigator, lest he return oasis 32|-109.

Please give back the oases to Tomala and stop attacking.If you dont Im forced to attack you. Hope I hear from you soon"
"im am allowed to take an oasis; nothing in the rules says i cannot. I dare say you havent taken one from another player before. I only attacked him once, and i do not intend to attack him again; lest he give me reason to.
—SchakaI and c4stigator

c4stigator's defiance in the face of SchakaI, almost certainly gaurenteed ShakaI's intervention in the war. However, no intervention came, and eventually, on Dcemeber 24th, the Christmas ceasefire kicked in. However, Tomala knew not of this, and proceeded to attack the oasis again with 1000 macemen. Since he could not capture it for another day, it gave c4stigator the chance to reinforce the oasis with 2000 legionaires, plus his level 12 hero, from his capital: Ghost in the Shell, as well as another 1000 legionaires from his other village: SAC 1st GIG.

Unwilling to anger the entire LEG, and possibly the greater STORM alliance, c4stigator opted to not attack Tomala I again, but insteads to stand firm over the oasis and claim self-defence actions.

Keeping your friends close

It was at this time, that c4stigator began to run out of allies for the war. His alliance, [M]JianW, was suffering greatly and had no stronger players. Also, c4stigator's friend Vendix V mysteriously dissapaered, a matter which greatly disturbed c4stigator. Donkeykong321, a member of [M] Jian, was suffering at the hands of LEG, and c4stigator suspected he wouldn't rush to his aid. Another disquieting matter was that of another local player called Manenu, who had just had her 1000 population village reduced to 100, probably by LEG.

Tomala had a very strong position, with powerful allies; if c4stigator slipped up now, if could spell the end for him.


SchakaI, much to c4stigator's relief, did not follow up his threats, and never contacted c4stigator again. At this time, both combatants became involved in the support of both STORM and the META's alliance's wonders. As the wonder neared completion, c4stigator attacked Tomala I one last time, but the outcome of this battle is not known.

However, despite taking substantially more casualties, c4stigator won every battle, and, most importantly, had secured the oasis; thus was the victor.

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