Christmas with the Diesels is a Thomas and Friends US Target-exclusive DVD idea made by BiggestThomasFan. It features one Season 15 episode, one Season 16 episode, one Season 17 episode and one Season 19 episode.


  1. Tree Trouble (Michael Brandon)
  2. Salty's Surprise (Michael Brandon)
  3. The Missing Christmas Decorations (Mark Moraghan)
  4. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas (Mark Moraghan)


  • Really Useful Engines - Paxton and Salty (After Tree Trouble)
  • The Earl's Quiz - No Snow for Thomas and Merry Winter Wish (After Salty's Surprise)
  • Who's That Engine? - Gordon (After The Missing Christmas Decorations)

Bonus Features

  • It's Christmas Time music video
  • There's Snow Place Like Home music video
  • Fun with Mr. Perkins - Mr. Perkins' Storytime: The Flying Kipper and Mr. Perkins' Postcard: Ulfstead Castle

Voice Cast

  • Michael Brandon as the Narrator (Tree Trouble and Salty's Surprise) and Diesel (Tree Trouble)
  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator (The Missing Christmas Decorations and Diesel's Ghostly Christmas)
  • Martin Sherman as Thomas (Tree Trouble, Salty's Surprise and The Missing Christmas Decorations), Percy and Diesel (The Missing Christmas Decorations)
  • Joseph May as Thomas (Diesel's Ghostly Christmas)
  • William Hope as Edward, Dash and Whiff
  • Kerry Shale as Gordon, James, Bash, Scruff, Diesel (Diesel's Ghostly Christmas), Kevin and Sir Topham Hatt (Tree Trouble and Salty's Surprise)
  • Jules de Jongh as Emily
  • Glenn Wrage as Ferdinand and Cranky
  • Keith Wickham as Salty, Den, Norman, Sir Topham Hatt (Diesel's Ghostly Trick) and Dowager Hatt
  • Matt Wilkinson as Diesel 10
  • David Bedella as Victor
  • Bob Golding as Sidney
  • Rupert Degas as Dart (Tree Trouble)
  • Steven Kynman as Dart (The Missing Christmas Decorations) and Paxton
  • Mike Grady as Sir Robert Norramby


  • Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.
  • Surprisingly, Diesel is voiced by three different actors on this release due to being given a new one in Season 17, and again in Season 19.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Diesel, Den, Dart, Paxton, Salty and a Christmas tree

Back Cover

  • Thomas, Diesel 10, Sidney, Sir Topham Hatt and Dowager Hatt

Cover Color

  • Dark Blue