Christopher Cerf
Christopher Cerf
(born August 19, 1941) is a US author, composer-lyricist, voice actor, and record and television producer. He is known for his musical contributions to Sesame Street, for co-creating and co-producing the award-winng PBS literacy education television program Between the Lions, and for his humorous articles and books.

His father was co-founder of Random House, publisher, editor and TV panelist, Bennet Cerf. His mother was journalist and children's book publisher, Phyllis Fraser.

On Sesame Street, he wrote famous songs such as: "Count it Higher", "Do-Op Hop", "Put Down the Duckie", "The Word Is No", "Dance Myself to Sleep", "Take Care of Your Hair", and "Monster in the Mirror". He also voiced Little Chrissy, Chrissy of "Little Jerry and the Monotones", Bruce Stringbean, and How Now Brown Cow.

Sing Along Songs

Since 1988, Christopher Cerf wrote most videos from Disney Sing Along Songs, his songs were even in the videos. He's also credited as one of the performers

Writing Credits

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