Chronicles Of Alcatraz is a Series of Books To be released sometime This year. It is the Tales of the land of Alcatraz following King Nelmak's rule.


King Nelmak King of Alcatraz,he wields the mighty Hawk Blade.

Lokrono Royal guard and servant of King Nelmak

Kamlen The Dark person who overthrew Nelmak and is now in control of Alcatraz.

Shokono Dark Wizard Created in book two,Dark Order.


Book 1:The Chronicles of Alcatraz, When Evil Rises Book 2:The Chronicles of Alcatraz, Dark Order Book 3:The Chronicles of Alcatraz, Doom,Death,And Betrayal Book 4:The Chronicles of Alcatraz, The Great War Book 5:The Chronicles of Alcatraz, Armageddon Book 6:The Chronicles of Alcatraz, A New Beggining

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