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The Chronicles are the definitive and comprehensive guide to the history of the Visionary Canon of fiction. Every known event, whatever its initial level of perceived significance is listed herein. This includes events that fall under a wide range of categories, and each will be listed and labeled differently.

Due to some of those same circumstances and categories, there is also a rather complex system being used to organize these entries in the best manner to present them chronologically and in relationship to one another, to create an overall and uniform flow.



Year in True Measure of Time (PC)

The first number in the heading is indicative of the “True Measure of Time”, in the stories, as measured using standard earth years from the Visionary Universe.

The second number in this heading is indicative of the “Contextual Measure of Time”, time as measured within that setting from the Creation of the Second Generation Creation. If time flows in this setting equivalent to the “True Measure” the numbers will be the same and thus the second number will not be listed. However, in many universes, dimensions, planes etc. time either flows uniformly slower or faster or even varies in its flow in accordance with the true measure. Thus this number may often vary greatly from the True Measure. Despite this difference, this number is still measured in standard earth years, and days. The numbers represent the number of years. The Postscript PC represents Post-Creation.

Universe / World

This heading gives the location of the event, listing universe and world.

Local Date / Day count in Standard Year

This heading gives the Localized Date, using the terms used locally for its measure followed by the comparitive numbered day in the standard year (as measured on Earth). If the localized method of dating is not given, the numbered heading may still be listed to set it in relation to other events.

Local Time / Analog Time in Standard Day

This heading gives the Localized Time, using the terms used locally for its measure, followed by the analog time in standard measure using military time context of 24 hours.

Note: These headings of date and time information are only included when this specific identifying information is given in the context of the source material. Most sources do not so specify and thus many different events will simply be listed in chronological order under the one year.


Some events in the Visionary Canon truly take place outside the known measure of time, either because they occur before Time was created as a Foundational Force, or because they take place on a plane, or level of existence where Time does not truly matter, such as within the Nexus of Creation. By their very nature, these events are difficult to ‘place’ in a Chronology. However, to better link all the events of the Visionary Canon together, they are listed with a ‘best approximation’ of their occurrence. This is done with recognition that this is a ‘best guess’ approach and thus somewhat limits the reality of these events. Their entries within the timeline are designated in the following manner to distinguish them from standard entries: They are set off in their column headings in parentheses. They will not possess any relative based or configured time since they fall outside the measure of time.


Events Officially Chronicled

These events are those that are actually explored fully in a published story. They are thus canon material. All such entries will receive a postscript link to the article based on the production in which the story is primarily chronicled or referenced.

Events Referred To

These events are those that are referred to in varying ways throughout stories, but not actually chronicled in a story. Thus, these events are open to interpretation or outright corruption depending on the source. For example, an event may be referred to as back-story of a character by that character. However, their perception of the events listed may be skewed, or they may be lying. Thus these events are subject to editing and change with the revelation of more accurate information. These articles will receive a postscript link to the article based on the production in which this event was referenced, followed by a postscript link to the source of the stated history, be it character or object.

Events Projected / Apocrypha

These are merely projected events as part of brainstorming, wiki expansion or other story creation and thus have not been referred to in any way, shape or form within actual published stories, or fully developed stories, perhaps in drafts or not at all.

These events are open to change by creative personnel as long as such changes do not undermine the flow of the overall chronology or undermine established continuity. However, unless absolutely necessary, for the purpose of a story now printed, all such history placed within the Chronicles should be considered canon, until and unless it is changed herein.

Many of these events are incorporated throughout the Chronology for the purpose of providing a structural framework to the ‘universe’. The more sweeping historical events should thus be considered closer to canon than detailed events that may be included merely as part of the wiki process to be considered for future stories.

These events will be easily distinguishable as there will be no postscript links for productions or sources.

Historical Events

To provide contextual references for the history of the universe, many significant historical events are listed in this chronology. These reference points are merely included so that proper historical settings, references and contexts can be included in stories. These will be noted by being in Italics. The Universe follows the normal history of the real world other then specific exceptions already included in the chronology.

(Note: If a historical event is explored in a published story it will be altered to the appropriate style and referenced accordingly.)

Entry Listing

See Chronicles of the Visionary Universe article listing.

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