It was a normal day on Bird Island. Every thing was perfect. Except for one thing. Better yet, one bird. One little yellow bird. Chuck. He finally admitted to Judge Peckinpah that he was gay. Peckinpah order him off the island because he was "Not Normal."

Now we all know Bird Island lies in a country called Finland. Chuck was very sad and lonely, and the once happy and fast bird was getting depressed.

"Who I am?" complained Chuck. "I'm gay and I have no friends or family anymore! I'm such a loser."

Chuck is usually very happy, silly, fun, and of course fast. He was on the look for a new best friend.

The little bird had walked so far, he ended up in a country called England, or the United Kingdom.

There he thought he might find someone. But everyone he met turned him down.

Just then, Chuck heard "Tinkle Tinkle Tinky Winky!" coming down the pathway. He quickly hid in a bush.

He peered out off the bush, and there he saw it: someone just as gay as him and even carries a purse!

Chuck wanted to greet big, alien looking creature, but he was too shy. Then he felt something grab him from behind. It was Tinky Winky himself!

"Eh-oh!' The big purple Teletubby said to the little yellow Angry Bird. "Me Tinky Winky! Who are you?"

"Hi, I'm Chuck. And I'm just as gay as you! Would you please be my friend?"

Tinky Winky stared at Chuck for the longest time. Then he finally said

"BIG HUG!!!" which meant he wanted to be Chuck's friend.

The purple Teletubby then picked up the little yellow bird and carried him in his giant red purse away to TeletubbyLand.

Alright, I still HATE Teletubbies, but someone had to do this! If I get enough likes, I'll do a part 2!

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