Chuck E. Cheese and the Bully Bot 2000 is a direct-to-video special that was based upon Chuck E. Cheese's. It was released March 19th, 2007 in CEC restaurants and Barnes & Noble bookstores. Chuck E. Cheese's hoped it will "delete digital drama".

It was produced by Schneider's Bakery with CGI backgrounds and effects by DNA Productions. The film was completed in 2006, less than a month before the lawsuit that threw DNA into dormancy.


Two villains called Morgrave and Meene create a "Bully Bot" to cyberbully everyone. The first people the bot and the two villains bully are 4 kids named Mike, Nick, Lucy, and Mark. Suddenly, the CEC gang learn about this and they and the 4 kids attempt to confront Morgrave, Meene, and the Bully Bot. The 3 villains turn Helen into a sleeping flower, and then they give Munch amnesia. After meeting the scientist named Harry, they pour water on Helen, causing her turn back to normal and wake up, and use vaccine to defeat the amnesia inside Munch. Chuck E., Jasper, and the 4 kids go on a cyber-quest to defeat the 3 villains, by going into a computer.

Chuck, Jasper, and the 4 kids learn the villains have set up a blockade that stops users from traveling the network. Jasper is able to defeat Morgrave and Meene, but Pasqually, monitoring the situation, has sent an anti-virus program into the system to combat what he thinks is a computer virus. The 4 kids and Chuck E. use a space-age machine to attack on the Bully Bot, and as the anti-virus program manifests as "vaccine missiles", the space-age machine and the missiles collide with the bully bot, which causes an explosion. The 4 kids successfully escape the computer, and with the blockade removed and the Bully Bot destroyed, the system returns to normal.

Morgrave and Meene are imprisoned, and the kids and Chuck E. and Jasper celebrate. 


  • Mark Wenton, Jake Stevens - Chuck E. Cheese (costume)
  • Crystal Stainton, Amelia Johnsons, Jeff Ayers - Helen Henny (costume)
  • Micah Menikos, Johnson McDrake - Jasper T. Jowls (costume)
  • Chris Johnsons, Jack Stevens - Mr. Munch (costume)
  • Matthew Senreich and Mark Styles - Pasqually (costume)
  • Dan Schneider - Morgrave
  • Florian Schneider - Meene
  • Mark Suggeto, Kevin Clash, Crystal Stainton, Micah Menikos - The Bully Bot (costume)
  • Zachary Gordon - Mike

  • Jason Wells, Jr. - Nick

  • Lucy Wells - Lucy

  • H.X. Stevens - Mark

  • Seth Green (using a vocoded voice) - The Bully Bot (voice)

  • Duncan Brannan - Chuck E. Cheese (voice)

  • Annagrey Labasse - Helen Henny (voice)
  • Jeremy Blaido - Jasper T. Jowls (voice)
  • John Bowen - Mr. Munch (voice)
  • Earl Fisher - Pasqually (voice)
  • James Clayton - Harry

Behind the Scenes

Most of the film was set on green screen, the non-computer scenes filmed at local parks in California, a few internet cafes, also in California, and restaurants of Chuck E. Cheese's in Monterrey, Mexico and Springfield, Massachusetts. The green screen shots were shot on a temporary green screen located in rented studio space with the CGI cyberspace backgrounds, laser effects, and other effects inserted in post-production.

The costumes were borrowed from various CEC locations, such as Helen's costume, which was borrowed from a location in Hawaii (hence the large pom-poms and bright orange hair). In order to depict "speaking" while the audio for the character's lines were playing, the costume players bobbed their heads to depict the "talking".

The Bully Bot costume was operated by 4 people, one to operate the arms, one to operate the mouth, one to operate the feet, and one to operate the eyes.

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