• Chuck the Red Car
  • Eddie the Red Car
  • Theodore the Blue Car
  • Bart the Red Car
  • Johnny the Green Car
  • Bobby the Little Blue Car
  • Tommy the White Tow Truck
  • Cat the Blue Car
  • Rotor and Robert the Twin Brown Truck
  • Smoke the Evil Brown Van
  • Lillie the Bus
  • DeCo the Big Truck
  • Gary the Firetruck
  • Homer and Harry the Twin Orange Truck
  • Stanley the Gold Car
  • The Narrow Gauge Car (with Billy, Dennis, Sir Toby, Calvin, George, Simon, Duke, Sammy and Willy Wally)
  • Milhouse and Bert the Twin Truck
  • Smoke 10 the Claw Etec Truck
  • Pain and Panic the Twin Truck
  • Sally the Magic Truck
  • Sonia the Blue Car
  • Herbie the Yellow Tugboat
  • Patrick the Row Boat
  • Calvin the House Boat
  • Alice the Yellow Tugboat
  • S261 the Trailer
  • Troy the Tow Boat
  • Salty Seaplane
  • Captain Paul the Boat Car

and more


And more

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