Chuckie: Hi, I'm Chuckie Finster. I'm gonna ride my tricycle. (hops on the trike and pedals it slowly) Hee-hee-hee... (falls off) WHOOOOAAAAH! (begins crying) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Chaz: Hey, son. What are you doing?

Chuckie: It hurts, daddy.

Chaz: What hurts?

Chuckie: My elbows and knees, and my fingers and toes. They hurt. WAAAAAAH!

Chaz: Why did you do that for, son?!

Chuckie: I dunno. Erp!

Chaz: Hey, don't burp.

(cut to the Simpsons logo)

Narration: "The Simpsons."

Chaz: Please don't burp.

Chuckie: Urkkk...

Chaz: DON'T BURP! (slaps Chuckie in the face)


Chaz: Do you want the soft part or the hard part?

Chuckie: None!

Chaz: Now you got the hard part! (bangs Chuckie with the gun 27 times)

(cut to men and women standing outside)

Man #1: Let's see some fireworks.

Man #2: Righty on, friend.

Man #1: Hey, Chuckie! Wanna see?

Chuckie: AAAAAAH!!!

(cut to the fireworks blasting into orbit)


Man #3: The fireworks scared people!

Chaz: (slaps Chuckie 6 times)

Chuckie: WAAAAAH!

Narration: Chaz is the worst father you've ever had!

Air Date

June 24, 2012

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