Chuggington/Rupert are parodies with Chuggington footage and audio from Rupert.


  • Wilson as Rupert Bear (Both are main characters and wear red)
  • Brewster as Bill Badger (Both are best friends to Wilson and Rupert and wear blue)
  • Zephie as Tiger Lily
  • Emery as Algy Pug (Both are vain)
  • Old Puffer Pete as Pong Ping
  • Eddie as Professor (Both are friendly)
  • Hodge as The Wise Old Goat
  • Zack as Edward Trunk
  • Piper as Ottoline Otter
  • Koko as Frances
  • Calley as Rika
  • Decka as Mrs. McSwine
  • Chatsworth as Rupert's Father (Both are clumsy)
  • Olwin as Rupert's Mother (Both are kind)
  • Speedy McAllister as Uncle Grizzly
  • Harrison as Constable Growler
  • Action Chugger as Snowman

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