Chuggington Island Loop, also known as Chuggington Railway Loop, is the first track of the Flower Cup in Dutch Girls Racing. It is from Chuggington.


The track takes place in Chuggington, as well, it has split into three sections, one at the main depot, another at the Safari Park, and the last is at the town.


The track starts where Wilson, Brewster, and Koko are making a cameo at the main depot. It travels out of the main depot, and into the town. Next, the player will go on the bridge, to the Safari Park. He/she will go up the hill, and into the Safari Park. The player will take a turn, and into the town for the last lap. The player will take a turn, and pass the houses. It runs into the tunnel, and to the finish line.

Staff Ghost

The player will unlock a Staff Ghost, which is Birdo with her standard kart, the Super Glider, and the Standard Wheels.


The Chuggington instrumental theme song is included in this game.

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