The Church Of Ascending Angels

The Church Of Ascending Angels (COAA) is a religious extra-human group in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Modern Day Universe.


The Church Of Ascending Angels was established by the extra-human James Mulier, whose dissatisfaction of traditional religion to accept and cope with the emerging extra-human community led him to create the movement. Himself a formerly practising Catholic, James preached with topics and passages that sympathised with the genuine fears of the extra-human community, and he quickly gained a small but loyal following. The Church also gained secret patronage from the Vatican, having its roots in traditional Catholicism. James Mulier is the current Grand Archbishop of the Church, and thus its spiritual and political leader.

Known Church Members

The Church Of Ascending Angels maintains an active list of all those considered faithful to their cause. Only some of the highest ranking officials in the Church are truly well known to the general public, however.

The Americas

  • James Mulier (Grand Archbishop Of America, Founder)
  • The Visionary (member of Patriot Actors)
  • Forefather (Bishop Of The Eastern Coast)
  • The Humble Servant (Bishop Of The Western Coast)
  • Begat (Priest)


  • Dream Man (Archbishop Of Oceania)
  • Enlightened (Bishop Of Australia)
  • Man Of Radiance (Bishop Of New Zealand)
  • Supremea (Bishop Of Indonesia)


  • Cloud Surfer (Archbishop Of Asia)


  • Mister Soon (Archbishop Of Europe)

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