The Church Of The White Star

The Church Of The White Star (White Star) is a religous movement in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Future Universe.


The Church Of The White Star was at first a peacekeeping movement, designed to calm and cool the growing conerns of the population. The first few generations born upon the Colony Ships lashed out at the choices of their parents, who condemned them on this endless voyage. A few of the more level-headed and calm youths founded the White Star, an organisation that attempted to quell the fears of the populace by painting their destination as a paradise world, with emphasis placed on how ‘noble’ it was that the people were giving their lives so that their descendents could live a better life. The movement became vastly influential very quickly, and the practices adopted by the organisation became more and more religious. They equated their journey as a Crusade to the Promised Land, not for them, but for their seed. They faced opposition from the established religions, but with the help of their Living Army allies, they soon rose to prominence and became the dominant religion of the Colony Fleets. They had also amassed significant political power, and many of their higher members were deeply involved in the governments of the Colony Ships, and even a few Ship Captains had been converted to their cause. It was the White Star that announced the radical re-population plans upon discovering the waves of radiation that were flowing through the ship. They used this as an excuse to ‘eliminate’ their rivals and those that they saw beneath them – largely those that had clung to some semblance of their old faiths. In what is known to the White Star as the Binary Schism, a few of the more liberal and outspoken members of their order rebelled against their beliefs and founded the Forever Inquisition, which to this day still haunts the White Star.


The White Star has a layered command structure. They have two clear divisions within their ranks – those that use the White Star’s beliefs as a religious platform, and those that see them as a political platform. Whilst they are, officially, a religious movement, their ties to the political world are simply too strong for them to deny. Thus, they created too ‘castes’ within the White Star – the Nova Caste, for the politics branch, and the Sol Caste for the religious branch.

Sol Caste (Priestly Ranks)

  • Brother Monk
  • Brother Cleric
  • Brother Enlightened
  • Brother Illuminated
  • Father Lightbringer
  • Father Superior Lightbringer
  • Lord Father Superior Of The White Star

Nova Caste (Political Ranks)

  • Representative For Truth
  • Representative For Justice
  • Representative For Belief
  • Minister Of Light
  • Minister Of Enhancement
  • Minister Of Enlightenment
  • Grand Minister Of Enlightenment
  • Lord Minister Of The White Star

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