Bastard Greyhawk character
Cimmerii in her adventuring garb. Art by George Foster (2007).
Cimmerii Acanthus
Homeland Domain of Greyhawk
Gender Female
Race Half-elf (drow)
Born Richfest 4, 575 CY
Died N/A
Class Ranger/Barbarian
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Cimmerii Acanthus is a female half-drow ranger/barabarian of Bronzewood Lodge, located in the Cairn Hills near Diamond Lake.

Cimmerii is a founding member of the Steelfire adventuring band, formed Reaping 1, 595 CY on the outskirts of Diamond Lake.

Cimmerii is portrayed by Emily Sullivan.


Cimmerii is the half-human, half-drow offspring of her mother Cartissima Acanthus, a human ranger from the Bronzewood Lodge, and her father, the drow known as Fear. Cartissima was captured by the slaver band that Fear was a part of. When they found out Cartissima was pregnant, Fear helped her escape. Cimmerii has inherited her father's black skin and violet eyes, but also has her mother's raven hair. She is considered exotically beautiful by some, but her personality tends to get in the way of her looks. She often wears dark colors, blues, blacks, greens, though her formal dress of white trimmed in black is especially stunning.



Cim, depicted at Zeech's 20th anniversary gala. Art by George Foster (2007).


Cimmerii was born Midsummer’s night Richfest 4, 575, under the full light of Oerth’s two moons, Luna and Celene. Her mother, Cartissima, gave birth to her while taking refuge in the Downs, a village in the northeastern portion of the Pricipality of Ulek.

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