Here are the images from Cinderella (An Audrey Hepburn Story)
The Loving Mother

Elsa with her newborn baby (Cinderella.)

Elsa Gravestone

Elsa sacrificed herself to save her beautiful daughter.

Bad Snow White

So Cinderella had a stepmother, but was very cold-hearted and cruel.

Cinderella's Ugly Stepsisters

And she also had two wretched stepsisters name Drizella and Antastasia.

Cinderella Being Criticized

The evil stepmother had forced Cinderella to do all of the hard work.

Devastated Audrey Hepburn

Cinderella became devastated when she was being treated like a slave.

Devastated Audrey Hepburn Gif
Cute Face Gif

But despite her stepsisters she had the most gorgeous face, and her nature was kind, understanding, and warm-hearted.


Cinderella actually lied to the floor, and wailed with sorrow, thanks to her stepsisters that ruined her night.

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