1. Cinderella-Fluffy {Hop}
  2. Prince Charming-E.B {Hop}
  3. Jaq And Gus-Arthur Read And Buster Baxer {Arthur}
  4. Lady Tremanie-Sawyer Cat {Cats Don't Dance}
  5. Luficer-Si And Am {Lady And The Tramp}
  6. The King-Mr.Bunny {Hop}
  7. The Grand Duke-Hamton Pig {Tiny Toons Adventures}
  8. The Fairy God Mother-Adult Nala {The Lion King}
  9. The Stepsisters-Bit And Patch {Hop}
  10. Bruno-Lady {Lady And The Tramp}
  11. Cinderella's Horse-Rain {Spirit}
  12. The Mice-Themselves
  13. The Birds-Birds {Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs And Sleeping Beauty}
  14. Maid Mouse-Francine {Arthur}
  15. The Messenger-Kipper The Dog {Kipper The Dog}
  16. The Guards-Cards {Alice In Wonderland 1951}
  17. Speaker-Jerry Mouse {Tom And Jerry}
  18. People-Various Chacacters
  19. Young Cinderella-Pimpernelle {The Bellflower Bunnies}
  20. Young Anastasia-Violet {The Bellflower Bunnies}
  21. Young Drizella-Jeanette Miller {Alvin And The Chipmunks}
  22. Cinderella's Father-Papa Bramble {The Bellflower Bunnies

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