{| class="infobox" style="border-color:rgb(204,204,204);width:20em;font-size:12px;" | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;color:rgb(255,255,255);font-size:14px;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;"|Cirius Montez |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"| |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|General Information |- valign="top" !Gender: |Male |- valign="top" !Age: | 15-16 (in Asleep)

17 (in Afraid

18-19 (in Awake) |- valign="top" !Hair Color: |Black |- valign="top" !Eye Color: |Black (or very dark brown) |- valign="top" !Birthday: |September 13, 1998 |- valign="top" !Height: |5'6 |- valign="top" !Address: |Unknown |- valign="top" !Occupation(s): | Student

Demon Hunter |- valign="top" !Aliases: | Nothing (Bullies)

Ciri (by the Angels) |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|Family & Friends |- valign="top" !Family: | Daniel Montez (deceased father)

Jean Montez (deceased mother)

Gabriel Montez (aunt)

Jose Montez (uncle)

Alexis Zoran (soul sister) |- valign="top" !Relationships: | Veronica Rodriguez (unrequited love; in love with; good friend)

Rose "Bec" Becquerel (crusher; good friend)

Emilio Toro 

(brief ex-boyfriend; friend)

Jeanine Santos

Patricia Hikaro

Martin Gaye

Alexis Zoran |- valign="top" !Friends: | Jonathan "Johnny" Kirk (best friend)

Veronica Rodriguez (best friend)

Jeanine Santos (friend)

Rose "Bec" Becquerel (friend)

Emilio Toro (friend)

Martin Gaye (friend)

Thomas Baccarin (best friend)

Alexis Zoran (best friend) |- valign="top" !Pet(s): |Millie the Dog  |- valign="top" !Employer: |None (as of yet) |- valign="top" !Enemies: | The Anti-Christ (whomever it may be)

David Adams |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|Other Information |- valign="top" !Interests: |Movies Music Television |- valign="top" !Clique: |The Angels of Arizona |- valign="top" !Education: |Jared Leto High School |- valign="top" !Talent: |Singing, Acting, Fighting, Academics |- valign="top" !Vulnerabilities: |Rude People Demons |- valign="top" !Strengths: |Flexibility, anger |- valign="top" !Weaknesses: |Veronica, Twinkies |- valign="top" !Awards: |None |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|Series Information |- valign="top" !First appearance: |Asleep |- valign="top" !Portrayer: |At this time, unknown |} Cirius Montez is the main protagonist of the Omens of the Demon Sanctuary trilogy. He is a student at Jared Leto High School and is of 15 years of age in Asleep. He is awkward, short, independent and friendly. He has an obvious crush on Veronica Rodriguez. 



Cirius Montez was born on September 13, 1998. However, his soul was not registered until March 21, 1999. There, he is less mature than he should be. However, he is very responsible and tends to want to be the leader of the group. He is generally considered the backbone of the Angels. 

He became an Angel after being found by Veronica, Bec, Jeanine, Emilio, Martin, Alexis, Patricia and Kaylee. He was cursed with the demons after he tricked an old man. 


Cirius is expected to return in Afraid, the second book in the trilogy.


Cirius is expected to return in Awake, the final book of the trilogy. 


Relationship with Veronica

Cirius has an awkward relationship with Veronica. In the first book, it is stated that he originally met her in 7th grade but didn't talk to up until he became an Angel again. This is due to the fact that he annoyed her to get her attention in 7th grade. She grew a disliking towards him, despite her original intrigument with the boy. In 9th grade, she still retains most of her hate towards him. However, they had awkward stares. At the end of Asleep, their relationship progress into a good friendship and they depend on each other. He told his aunt that he loves Veronica, kind of sort of accidentally.

Relationship with Johnny

Johnny is the best friend of Cirius. Johnny too has feelings for Veronica, which is obvious. However, both Veronica and Cirius are oblvious to it up until Veronica and Johnny begin dating. After a big reveal in the first novel, Johnny loses interest in Veronica. The two break it off but Bec sees Johnny tearing up after their breakup. At the end of the first novel, Cirius tells Johnny that he is fine with whoever he dates and that he is the closest friend he has ever had and that he will stand by his side until the end. 

Relationship with Bec

Bec is another close friend of Cirius. They have been friends since the 7th grade but only just now started talking more. She has vey obvious, even to Cirius, feelings for him. He tends to ignore her subtle hints and typically sees her as a friend. Bec goes to desperate efforts to impress or amuse Cirius. Cirius shows his appriation of this by protecting her from demons. At the end of the first book, Bec tells Veronica that she is "madly in love" with Cirius and that she hopes they become a couple as the group head on. 

Relationship with Martin

After Johnny, Martin is probably Cirius's closest guy friend. After Cirius begins to think he is "bicurious", Martin fully supports him. However, after hjs uncle condemns him, Cirius cries and Martin hugs and kisses him...on the lips. The plot thickens from their on. Cirius briefly considers a relationship with Martin but he denies it due to the fact that he doesn't want anybody to know that he is bisexual and that he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Alexis. 

Relationship with Alexis

Alexis is a good friend of Cirius. She often talks to him when he is down and tries to amuse him a lot. She is also close friends with Bec and encourages her to ask Cirius out. However, later on, Alexis grows a liking towards Cirius due to his bravery and leadership skills. This is enough for her to ask him out and the two date for a brief time in Asleep

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