A Citadel class station is a series of stations that are located in the atmosphere of the four Gas Giants. Each station is divided into many modules, each serving a specific purpose.

Dock Modules

Each citadel class has 200 docking modules that dock many transportation or trade shuttles. Each dock module has 3 docking bays capable of holding 3 ships. Next to the docking bays are passenger areas for people who want to go somewhere else to live or on vacation.

Entertainment Modules

Each of the stations have 150 entertainment modules. Each has a bar, several stores, a security office and other recreation areas. In each module there are two medium sized holodecks.

Residential Modules

There are 5'000 Residential Modules on each of the stations. Each of the modules has an eastern and western side. The eastern has 10 apartment areas each containing 9 apartments. The western side contains medical areas and a compound for a certain species. For Example: Residential Module 085 contains a Vulcan Compound, Residential Module 097 contains an Andorian Compound and Residential Module 100 contains a Tellarite Compound.

Standard Apartment

Each standard apartment includes a living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Some are given their own apartmentss while others are required to share their apartments.

Above Standard Apartments

These Apartments contain a living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom area and feature a pair of larger, wider windows.

Luxery Apartments

Similar to above standard apartments, but are slightly larger. These apartments have a large desk area and work terminal.

Engineering Modules

These modules help keep the stations in orbit.

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