FANDOM Citizens Offers First “Truly Mobile” Wireless Internet

in Christiansburg and other parts of the New River Valley March 28, 2006 -- Citizens, a full-service communications, and entertainment provider headquartered in Floyd, Virginia announced today the launch of its “truly” Mobile Wireless Internet Service in Christiansburg, Virginia and the immediate surrounding areas of Radford and Blacksburg. Utilizing Flarion Technologies, the architect of FLASH-OFDM® for mobile broadband communications services, Citizens is the first independent communications company to launch the cutting-edge technology. Citizens will offer its mobile broadband data service to business and residential consumers, State Universities, and local public and safety organizations, utilizing its 700MHz licensed spectrum. Access devices will include FLASH-OFDM PC Cards for mobile services and Netgear Mobile Broadband Router for FLASH-OFDM-to-WiFi broadband access.

Citizens’ new mobile broadband is a step up from local wireless data applications like WiFi which allows the consumer to eliminate wired connection, but not the confinement. Wifi users still must be stationary and are limit within areas (mostly inside) when using such technologies. One analogy is to think of WiFi as the data equivalent of the cordless phone, whereas Citizens’ MOBILE Internet service is similar to the cell phone service, enabling access freedom to high-speed data connection—at any range of motion. The average speed of a FLASH-OFDM network is 1 to 1.5 Mbps in the downlink, with peak rates of 3.0Mbps, and 300-500 Kbps in the uplink. Users do not need to make any modifications to their settings, applications, protocols, content or devices to experience mobile broadband. With Flarion's IP-friendly FLASH-OFDM technology, mobile operators can seamlessly connect corporate LANs with a wireless Wide Area Network with the speed and low packet latency that exceeds stringent corporate network requirements.

"We're pleased to provide our communities with a mobile broadband network that's the first of its kind in Virginia," said Gerald Gallimore, General Manager of Citizens. "We have chosen Flarion's technology based on network coverage, mobility, and spectral efficiency. With FLASH-OFDM, our customers will be equipped with the world's fastest mobile broadband network."

“The first deployment of our mobile wireless service was in Christiansburg and all directions within 2 to 3 miles of the Christiansburg Recreation and Fitness Center,” says Robert Weeks, Marketing Manager for Citizens. “We now have additional towers 220 Webbs Mill Road P O Box 137 Floyd, VA 24091 745-2111

operational that provide mobile internet service to Radford and parts of Blacksburg,” continued Weeks. The mobility aspect of the service is what’s so exciting about this new technology. For Citizens, the excitement surmounts by being a small, local, independent company in Southwest Virginia, visionary and equipped to be one of the first to partner with Flarion for the deployment speaks volumes for the company. Consumers will find that Mobile Internet has many advantages. For example: you can access the Internet from your car while waiting to pick up your children from school. This is convenient for online banking, shopping, and more. The service can aid with many tasks such as homework and research; enabling the student to work in most any environment such as the kitchen table, living room, basement, park, ball games. For business professional, mobile internet turns basically anywhere into an office. The service is not limited is not only for persons with laptops. Consumers are given the mobility possibilities; yet the service works exactly like any other high-speed connection inside a home. The advantage is the elimination of so many wires. The service actually services as a ‘two for one’ in that a small desktop router can be placed in the home allowing wireless access for multiple computers and the same wireless card used in the router can be removed and used in the laptop that is used for mobility. The service potentials are endless. “Customers do not necessarily need to live in the coverage area to benefit from our service,” says Weeks. “Our service is great for people who commute in and out of the area needing access to the Internet for business and personal use.” It’s very similar to your cell phone coverage, you can actually receive the signal in areas you never thought possible.

About Citizens Wireless Citizens Wireless is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citizens, a regional, full-service communications and entertainment provider headquartered in Floyd, Virginia with a satellite office in Fort Chiswell Virginia. Citizens provides video, voice and data services to numerous rural areas throughout Southwest Virginia. For additional information or a demonstration, contact Robert Weeks, Marketing Manager, at or call (540) 745-2111. About Flarion Technologies Flarion Technologies is mobilizing broadband communication with its innovative mobile broadband technology. Flarion's FLASH-OFDM® technology enables licensed mobile operators to profitably offer voice and data broadband services. FLASH-OFDM Flexband works in licensed frequencies between 400MHz and 3.6GHz. Flarion Technologies is based in Bedminster, New Jersey (USA).

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