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City FEA v0.00.01

This project will transform Jane Jacobs' hypothesis from words into a mathematical ranking system for neighborhoods. This ranking system will quantify how well each neighborhood satisfies Jacobs' four essential ingredients for diversity:

  1. Multiple primary functions, P
  2. Most blocks must be short, L
  3. Varying ages and conditions of buildings, A
  4. Sufficient density, \Theta

The ranking of each of these ingredients will be based on simple, objective verifiable quantities measured at the street level. All four of these rankings will be considered together through a mathematical function to provide another ranking known as the Indispensable Conditions of Diversity parameter, \Phi

This project will construct a gui such that the local value of parameter \Phi may be plotted for any given scale view of a city. This will likely take the form of a contour plot. [should construct a mockup picture of the anticipated results]

It hoped that this tool will allow interested parties to scientifically examine the merits of Jane Jacob's theories. Additionally this tool should allow interested citizens a quick and easy way to view what Jacobs would say are the strengths and weaknesses of a given neighborhood. These two uses should be viewed with equal importance to the developers of this tool.

Current Status

Developed functions and heirarchy Posting functions for discussion Assembling team of developers

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This is a project to create a tool for visualizing and evaluating Urban Planning Theory

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