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The Staff Experience Programmes is one of the five strands of City University's City2012 Strategy. This programme is led by Julius Weinberg in the role of Senior Responsible Owner, the Programme Definition Team comprises Tina Buckle, Joelle Fanghanel, John Kempton, Pam Parker, Susannah Quinsee, Matthew Rust, Pamela Sanderson and Paul Wilson. This Wiki presents the information relating to the programme, along with the key documents needed to support the programme management team as it progresses through to the implementation phases.

The key documents relating to this programme are:

  • StEP Vision Statement
  • The Blueprint
  • Business Case
  • Programme Organisation Structure
  • The Projects Portfolio
  • Benefits Profiles
  • Stakeholder Map

  • Governance Strategies
    • Benefits Management Strategy
    • Stakeholder Management Strategy
    • Risk and Issue Management Strategy
    • Quality Management Strategy
    • Resource Management Strategy

  • Programme Plans
    • Programme Schedule
    • Programme Expenditure Plan
    • Programme Resource Plan

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