In the Longest Thread Ever, Ciz was a deity whose title is the Pureblood.


Ciz's followers were firm believers in the fact that anthropomorphism is unnatural and should be eradicated from the Multiverse. To this end, Ciz's followers were usually also taught the basics of assassination so as to silently kill any anthromorphs they found.


Ciz resembled a gaunt human wielding a scythe and usually wearing a decayed anth head on his belt (the means of death plunged into it). He was generally depicted as wearing a black breastplate and ornate glaives, with chain leggings.


Ciz's followers were overwhelmingly human (and quite a few of them had ties to other organizations, usually the Ku Klux Klan). Ciz's worship had been banned on Crandon and Neopia, but was allowed to flourish on Earth (as Ciz's religion is considered a cult).


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