Claire Barnett is the one of the bodies of the Fifth River she was born in 1965 in the town of Sydney where she spent most of her life growing up.


Claire was watching a television report about a girl who had manage to beat up a total of four soilders. All by herself what was more interesting the girl was 13 about the same age that the First River would now be because of this she took off to Melbourne in hope of finding the girl who did this. She went there to soon find the other Rivers had heard of this report and all in there next generations. They were Steph Colledge along with the others Jane Fairbanks Laura Bond soon they searched to try and find which River had just done this and where she was. They were aware it was either first or the it could be the Forth River soon they manage to find both of them and why they was on the news. Together again they found the First River who was called Emma Smith and the Forth River who was called Jessie Daniels had been fighting a gang who were in control of the city of Melbourne they had started to fight to stop this gang named the Mels Boys Soon Claire told of how they had also been doing things in Sydney and the group then headed back to Sydney where the found infomation on cloning this was done by a man called Henry who went by the name Dr Regan the Rivers manage to stop him and also put a stop to the Mels Boys which were in Sydney. However in the fight Jessie Daniels was killed.


In 1983 the group had a report of giant cats being made in the town of Katoomba they were then trying to kill people Claire and the other River soon went there and found out what had been going on. They then tracked down all the trouble to the town of Oberon they found out infomation from Dr Ragan wife that he was working with a group down in a place named Ocean Grove this was ther headquaters other experment were giant sharks. The River put a stop the the base.


The Rivers then found there next job this time looking for a killer who went by a nickname calling himself The Fox he was was killing people in Rosedale this time Claire was put in charge because Emma Smith had other stuff to deal with so Claire was the leader. In the hunt for the Fox, Laura Bond was taken hostage and Steph Colledge tried to save her in the battle the Fox tried to kill Steph Colledge with a black bag over her head. Claire Barnett manage to come in at the right time and save Steph and Laura from the fox. However the fox was caught but the police wanted to do something about the Rivers dealing with crimes and wanted to nick them. A big fight broke out with the police with the Rivers winning the fight.


Claire took time off the Rivers because of troubles with something back in Canada. Claire then took a break this year why Emma Smith and Steph Colledge took care of business down in Caanda.


Dr Ragan came back with a new project to try out on the River to make someone much more stronger he tried his project out on Paul Hankin However Dr Regan was nicked and this made Paul dangerous and the Rivers were faced with not being able to stop him.


With everything thinking it had calmed down all the Rivers apart from Claire Barnett and Emma Smith had moved away but it all started again when Paul Hankin came back he was now going to try a master plan to kill the Rivers because he had cancer. Emma was taken hostage by Paul and this left Claire to save her from him. She manage to win a fight with Paul who was now weak from his cancer. Laura Bond also was killed by Paul Hankin and without Steph who was not around Emma and Claire had to stop him alone. Paul manage to steal Emma Smith teleporter and get himself to Hatlinks where he could destory earth from there and finish off the rest of the Rivers. However Emma and Claire came after him to Hatlinks and they planned on stopping him. He had laned in Rocklyn where he had escaped the Hatlinks Council and planned his attack on earth. His planned turned out it wasn't earth but he had been gave something by Doctor Regan called a salt Sphere which could kill all the Hatlinks. However he was stopped and he then took himself back to Melbourne where Claire and Emma came chasing right behind him. As the came back Paul had started a attack by the Mels Boys to kill Emma and Claire. The Mels boy wasn't expecting with some powers on Hatlinks they were gave to be beaten. Soon Claire and Emma tracked him back down to Sydney where he was now in his last hours from dieing from cancer. However the Rivers where to late and he had then gave his powers to a boy named Julian Knight they had found out that Julian had gone to a town called Totnes to pick up something called the Domes Jewel they headed to get it before Julian found it. They however got there just as he was leaving in a jumper pool from Hatlinks. They jumped inside and were taken back to Melbourne planning there next move soon Julian started a rampage which Claire and Emma had to stop him. He could not die as long as he had the Domes Jewel. In the Fight Claire quickly grabbed it stopped him having power. Claire then sadly died when she was shot. However Emma Smith was able to stop Julian but died on the same day.

This started Claire Barnetts next form who is Primrose Windsor

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