Clara's new hairstyle is the 17th episode of MySims (TV). Clara's hair gets ruined and Shirley gets Clara a new hairstyle in pigtails.


  • Sonja: Wow! This is A Nice and Warm summer day, Clara!
  • Clara: Yay! What color is my hair?
  • Sonja: It is brown, Clara, so does your big sister, Anna and I!
  • Anna: What color are my eyes?
  • Sonja: It is blue, Anna, so am I!
  • Clara: My big sister's name is Anna!
  • Sonja: That's right!
  • Anna: Clara, can you invite Red and Sally to come over?
  • Clara: Okay. (Clara runs to the door and invites Red to come)
  • Red: Hi, Clara! Morcubus is evil and he could be dangerous! Don't touch him! (Red wears her hairclip that is a star)
  • Sally: How are you? (Sally shakes hands with Clara)
  • Clara: I could go to Morcubus! (Clara runs very far away to Morcubus)
  • Red: Clara! No!
  • Sally: It's to dangerous, Clara! (Red and Sally were so upset that Clara ran away)
  • Morcubus: (Cackles and pulls Clara's hair and rubber bands. Clara's hair was ruined)
  • Clara: (screams in high tone) OWWWWWW! AHHHHHHHH! (Clara starts crying and wailing louder like a baby)
  • Sally: Clara needs a new hairstyle, Red. (Sally runs home to her twin sister, Daisy and her little sister, Belle)
  • Red: Fine. (runs to her best friend, T.O.B.O.R. and walked together, Cut to Shirley's hair salon showing Clara crying like a baby)
  • Shirley: (takes the flower out of Clara's hair) Now Clara, you are Anna's little sister and I need to shave your hair. (holds her hair shaver but she didn't do it as Clara cries, screams and wails like a baby)
  • Shirley: Stop crying, Clara. It's okay. I didn't shave your hair! you need pigtails like "Bubbles from "The Powerpuff Girls". (puts a pink bow on each orange rubber band and makes a lace on each sock. Shirley puts a flower back in Clara's hair, then puts a pink bow on each orange rubber band back on her hair)
  • Clara: (stops crying, and her hair looks like "Bubbles" from "The Powerpuff Girls") Yay! I have new pigtails!
  • Anna: Wow! That's nice, Clara. (Anna and Clara's parents find Anna and Clara, Jordan gives Anna a hug and Lisa gives Clara a hug)
  • Red: Nice hairstyle!
  • Sally: That's so Pretty!


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