verison 1 (do not delete or edit)

  • Jeff as finn (their both cool)
  • Belson as jake (their both lazy bones)
  • Breehn as bmo (their both simple)
  • Clarence as ice king (their both dumb)
  • Johnny randell as jeramine (their both beave in suicide)
  • Dustin as neptr (their both supporting)
  • Jimmy randell as cosmic owl (their both cool)
  • Kimby as princess bubblegum(their both smart and pretty)
  • Chelsea as lady unicorn (their both extreme)
  • Malakevin as the lich (their both evil)
  • Sumo as lemongade (their both noisy)
  • Malessica as flame princess (their both pretty and shy)
  • Memo as banana man (their both smart)
  • Nathan as mr cupcake (their both strong)
  • Percy as cinmmon bun (their both sweet)

Version 2

  • Jeff as Finn the Human
  • belson as Jake the Dog