==cast== verison 4 (do not delete or edit) Jeff as finn (their both cool) Belson as jake (their both lazy bones) Breehn as bmo (their both simple) Clarence as ice king (their both dumb) Johnny randell as jeramine (their both beave in suicide) Dustin as neptr (their both supporting) Jimmy randell as cosmic owl (their both cool) Kimby as princess bubblegum(their both smart and pretty) Chelsea as lady unicorn (their both extreme) Malakevin as the lich (their both evil) Sumo as lemongade (their both noisy) Malessica as flame princess (their both pretty and shy) Memo as banana man (their both smart) Nathan as mr cupcake (their both strong) Percy as cinmmon bun (their both sweet)


  • Jeff as Finn the Human
  • belson as Jake the Dog

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