Version number 2 (do not delete or edit) Jeff as mordecai (their both outstanding) Belson as rigby (their both lazy) Percy as pops (their both sweet) Sumo as benson (their both focus) Nathan as skip (their both strong) Breehn as high five ghost (their cool and funny) Vu as low five ghost (their both beave) Clarence as muscle man (their both fat) Chad as muscle dad Mary as muscle mom


  • jeff as Mordecai
  • belson as Rigby
  • sumo as Benson
  • percy as Pops
  • nathan as Skips
  • clarence as Muscle Man
  • breehn as High-Five Ghost
  • Dustin as Thomas
  • Kimby as Margaret
  • amy as Eileen
  • malessica as C.J.
  • ashley as Starla
  • percy's dad as Mr. Maellard
  • johnny randall as Don
  • Brady, Emilio, Julien, and bliade as Baby Ducks
  • brother wendell as Muscle Bro
  • Chad as Muscle Dad
  • vu as Low-Five Ghost
  • try as Sensai
  • courtlin as Audrey
  • memo as party horse

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