• man playing clarinet is Frere Jacques [1]
  • Brass Instruments [2]
  • Man says Letter of the Day
  • The letter O is in the house tonight! [3]
  • Almost for Number of the Day
  • Gordon narrates "The Maestro Plays," [4]
  • The Tokyo String Quartet [5]
  • Man says Number of the Day.
  • Egyptian #2 [6]
  • Man says Almost for Elmo's World
  • Prairie Dawn continues her coverage of fairy tale emergencies. Her next interviewee is Sleeping Beauty, whose wake-up kit consists of an alarm clock, a rooster, and a bugle that the rooster can play in case his crowing doesn't help. She demonstrates its effectiveness by going to sleep. The alarm goes off, but it doesn't wake her up. Nor does the rooster's crowing - but his bugle playing does! [7]
  • Man says Elmo's World
  • Elmo's World: Music [8]
  • Man says Sponsors and Elmo says Goodbye.

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