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  • Working in Teams

Class Activities

  • Conduct Leadership Practice Inventory - Everything you need for this class is included in the class reader

Assignments Due

  1. Web Worksheet: Leavey School of Business
  2. Group Project Proposal – email by the end of the week
  3. Group name and list of members sent to instructor
  4. Leadership Conversation Sheet (for those having LAP meetings on this date)

Reading Due:

1. Maxwell, J.C. (2001). The Law of Significance: One is too small a number to achieve greatness. The 17 indisputable laws of teamwork: Embrace them and empower your team. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.
2. Read one of the following articles on Bruce Tuckman’s Five Stages of Group Development.
3. Articles adapted from: Tuckman, B. & Jensen, M. (1977) Stages of Small Group Development. Group and Organizational Studies, 2, 419-427.

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