Welcome to Trueville High, an average american high school with one expection. It is located only one mile away from a nuclear power plant. They said it was 100% safe. But they were wrong.

Welcome to the "Class of Nuclear High". Yes, at Nuclear High, strange things are happening. The honors society has changed from clean cut pretties into a vicious gang of creepies.

The teenage female student's body has tranformed into... ...horrifying nutations. And physical education has turned into a nightmare of volience.

"The Class of Nuclear High" introducing Boris and Christie, two young lovers caught in a world gone mad.

"The Class of Nuclear High" Yes, at Nuclear High. anything can happen... ...and does.

"The Class of Nuclear High" where you'll learn three are... ...reading... ...writing... ...and radiation.

See the most expolsion action of the year.

"The Class of Nuclear High" Rated R.

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