Strongdrew941's movie-spoof of '''''''Teletubbies'''''''


Tinky Winky - Wilferd (Webkinz)

Dipsy - Goater (Webkinz)

Lala - Rose (Webkinz)

Po - Birdie (Webkinz)

Noo-Noo - Webkinz Donkey

Tigers - Tiger (Little Einsteins)

Penguins - Penguin (Little Einsteins)

Snakes - Snake (Little Einsteins)

Elephants - Elephant (Little Einsteins)

Flamingos - Flamingo (Little Einsteins)

Butterflies - Butterfly (Little Einsteins)

Tortoises - Tortoise (Little Einsteins)

Giraffes - Giraffe (Little Einsteins)

Frogs - Frog (Little Einsteins)

Three Ships - Ship (Little Einsteins)

Tap Dancing Bear - Little Mouse (Little Einsteins)

Singing Puppet Man - Puppet (Little Einsteins)

Pink House - House (Little Einsteins)

Magical Tree - Tree (Little Einsteins)

White Doves - Dove (Little Einsteins)

Rabbits - Spiders (Little Einsteins, Beanie Babies and Webkinz)

Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair - Bear (Little Einsteins)

Scary Lion - Lion (Little Einsteins)

Magic Train - Train (Little Einsteins)

Little Bo Peep - Little Bo Peep (Little Einsteins)

Sheeps - Sheep (Little Einsteins)

Viaduct - Viaduct (Little Einsteins)

Magic Clouds - Cloud (Little Einsteins)

Magical Windmill - Rocket (Little Einsteins)

Male Voice Trumpet - Alex (Madagascar)

Female Voice Trumpet - Gia (Madagascar 3: Europe Most Wanted)

Pink Spider - Marty (Madagascar)

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