Classic Thomas Stories is a fan-fiction US Thomas VHS/DVD Release featuring three Season 1 episodes and four Season 2 episodes narrated by Ringo Starr.


  1. The flying kipper
  2. Henry and the elephant
  3. Thomas' train
  4. Cranky bugs
  5. Make someone happy
  6. Steamroller
  7. All at sea
  8. The diseasal
  9. Toby and the flood
  10. Thomas,percy and the dragon
  11. Thomas,percy and the coal
  12. Fish
  13. Trust thomas
  14. Woolly bear
  15. Rock n roll
  16. Percy's promise
  17. Bulgy
  18. Ghost train
  19. Buzz buzz
  20. Haunted henry
  21. A scarf for percy
  22. The runaway
  23. Down the mine
  24. Trains stop play
  25. Tender engines
  26. Percy takes the plunge

Bonus Features

  • The biggest ever Thomas Quiz
  • Sneak peak
  • More thomas games


  • Narrated by Ringo Starr and michael angelis
  • In the Strand VCI version, the Season 1 intro, nameplate sequence (1990-1992) and outro are used together.
  • In the Strand Home Video version, the Season 1 intro, nameplate sequence (1992-1994) and outro are used together.
  • The nameplates are taken from Thomas Gets Tricked, James Learns A Lesson, Better Late Than Never, Woolly Bear and The Deputation.
  • Distrubuted by Strand VCI Entertainment.


  • In the closing titles, a "Saved From Scrap" still picture is used.

Opening Credits

  • Based On The Railway Series By The REV W. AWDRY
  • Told by RINGO STARR
  • Directed by DAVID MITTON

DVD Artwork

Front Cover (Strand VCI version/Strand Home Video version)

  • Edward from "Edward's Exploit"

Back Cover (Strand VCI version/Strand Home Video version)

  • James and Gordon from "A Proud Day For James"

Front Cover (Lyrick Studios version)

  • Top: Edward
  • Bottom: James taking Gordon's express from "A Proud Day For James"

Back Cover (Lyrick Studios version)

  • Percy on the ocean from "Percy Takes A Plunge"
  • Henry bricked up in "Come Out Henry"


Strand VCI version

Strand Home Video version

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