Texas Pete in 1982-1986

Tex, as he is known to others, is one of the meanest cowboys on the planet and is always looking for ways to kill SuperTed, because he is always foiling his evil plans. He loves to steal things and make people unhappy. If Tex promises to do something, then don't believe him, as he is always going back on his word. He treats both of his henchmen, Bulk and Skeleton, very badly. He will call them names and put their lives on the line rather than his. If he starts to call you his friend, then you know you are in trouble and the best thing to do is run away!! Once, he tried to find out SuperTed’s magic word by staging situations that would require SuperTed's help. Tex had SuperTed’s tree house bugged, to find out the magic word. Luckily everything didn't go to plan. Tex also has a spaceship. There are a number of things that Tex hates (apart from SuperTed). He hates being called kind and generous (Skeleton never said it again to him) and he doesn't like being kissed (yuk!). Once, he dropped in on Mr & Mrs Spot. This wasn't to say hello, but instead to steal the cosmic dust that Spotty had be collecting for years.

Horace in 1990

Horace is a hamster, who always appears in Huxley's dreams. It seems that Horace is always economical with the truth, such as the time he didn't tell Huxley that the house he was looking at was haunted. Even though Horace might be a pirate or a salesman, Huxley always seems recognises him. Horace is always out to make money (be careful Huxley). He even makes up rules just to get more money out of poor Huxley, such as the time when he was at the beach. He can be a bit of a big head. At the circus he thought he was the star of the circus, with his act - 'Hurtling Horace, the star of the trampoline'. But in fact he was a bit rubbish and the crowd booed him. He wasn't too pleased when Huxley and Sam joined and did a better job than him. He tried to stop their!! custom essays

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