Cast (Version 1)

  • Claude the Dog as Thomas
  • Sharpy Fox Bond as Edward
  • Leonard the Leopard as Henry
  • Big Thylacine Joe as Gordon
  • Harry Smithy 2000 as James
  • Dozzy the Bandicoot as Percy
  • Oldman Koala as Toby
  • Graig H. Turtle as Duck
  • Benny the Falcon as Donald
  • Ronald the Falcon as Douglas
  • Arthur the Porcupine as Oliver
  • Cia the Cat as Emily
  • Kongo the Bear as Murdoch
  • Merlock the Demon as Diesel
  • Samanta von Jizzy as Rosie
  • Peter the Quoll as Neville
  • Jay the Numbat as Bill
  • Gil the Numbat as Ben
  • Marta the Vampire Chinchilla as Mavis
  • Timman the Super-Wallaby as BoCo
  • Dr. Clodous as Diesel 10
  • Tails (from "Tails' Skypatrol") as Bertie
  • Ernest the Suede as Terence
  • Somber the Ghost as Bulgy
  • Layla the Lynk as Molly
  • Mrs. Loly Dingence as Daisy
  • Cortex (from "Cortex Twinsanity") as Skarloey
  • Crash (from "Cortex Twinsanity") as Rheneas
  • Alvin Stubborn Coyote as Duncan
  • as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Larry the Lion Iron 'Arry
  • Lenny the Lion Iron Bert
  • Nina (from "Cortex Twinsanity") as Millie
  • Victoria Ashman (from "The Victoria Ashman Show") as Caroline
  • Captain Lincoln Orstich as George
  • Mike the Lizard as Victor
  • Vinnie the Dog as Stanley
  • Master Shaolin Panda as Hiro

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