Claude Jr. Circus Doll

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  • Casey Jr. - Claude (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Yellow Coach - Hi-Fi (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Organ and Blue Box - Woody (Toy Story)
  • Red/Brown and Green Case - Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)
  • Elephant Car - Teddy (The Forgotten Toys)
  • Zebra and Camel Car - Back to Front (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Monkey and Gorilla Car - Kermit the Frog (Muppets)
  • Bear Cage - Winnie the Pooh
  • Kangaroo Car - Rupert the Roo (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Green and Orange Stripe Car - Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Giraffe Car - Raggedy Andy
  • Orange and Green Box - Old Bear
  • Tiger and Hyena - Rabbit (Old Bear)
  • Hippo and Ostrich Car - Lucy (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Freight Car - Mr. Marmalade (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Lion Car - Old Edward (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Green Coach - Princess (The Raggy Dolls)
  • Horse Car - Dotty (The Raggy Dolls)
  • The Ringmaster's End Coach - Sad Sack (The Raggy Dolls)

Song "Claude Jr" ithink i can

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